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Adventure in HK thus far! Jun. 15th, 2010 @ 06:28 am
Due to some unforseen issues we had in our factories in Shengzhen, I'm now over in Hong Kong till the end of the week, taking a day or two over in Shengzhen on Thursday to make sure everything at the factory is working.

Flew over here via BA which wasn't that bad even though 11hrs on an economy flight isn't that pleasent but got here around 1pm on Sunday afternoon. In the typical chinese culture here, we checked into the hotel and then went straight out to work, grabbing all the spare parts I need for me to build the pcs and bring it up to Shengzhen on Thursday. Finally finish at 11pm and back to the hotel and tried to sleep, all went well till I woke up at 1am and then couldn't go back to sleep which sucks.

Enduring Monday was a pain, stayed up for a good 22hrs before I finally collapse last night at 11pm almost killed me.
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Aya Revolution in the eyes of "normal" people. May. 9th, 2010 @ 03:21 pm
Just a quick word for people who haven't seen it yet, The Sunday Telegraph finally did their piece on Aya mmmm 9 months ago now!

Here's pdf of the article for those interested!


Minami blah! Apr. 26th, 2010 @ 10:09 am
Wow, I'm great at keeping my journal updated, only 8 months since my last post and this is turning out to be yet another con post.

Well, another year, another Minami, this year, everything went pretty smoothly. Aegis worked after the lengthy testing that I did before the con to find out what was broken before the actual con meant there wasn't any hectic running around I need to do to fix video rooms. I don't think I actually got any report of Aegis crashing this year which is always a good sign!

However, this year was always the year that well Ben decided to bugger off to Japan, Adam was stuck in crunch so I was down quite a bit of technical assistance. Even the extra help that I enlisted didn't show up (not looking at you tha_moose ) meant that I was on my own for the entire of the masquerade. This pretty much took from midday on Saturday till about 10ish as I try to sort out the running order, getting the room setup and actually running the actual tech during the masquerade. Thankfully, my not so trusty helper aeyzu to help me do the more non technical admin work while I get on with preparing everything else, apart from quite a lot of things that went wrong, we were only about 10mins late from starting and I only managed to messed up 2 skits this year, one that I had no chance in hell in getting it working without looking silly and the second, well.....sorry keith_copping I tried! I really tried!

Apart from that, Minami this year was pretty good fun, the usual thing of me saying that I'll try and meet more people failed once again (mainly being too busy), we got to troll hachimaki at the masquerade, but I did suffer for that in the closing ceremony which I'm sure everyone seen the photos already >.>
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Post Con Report! Aug. 24th, 2009 @ 03:29 pm
It's a week after AyaCon, all the guests we had in our house have left, everything has return to normal. First day back in the office as well which seems a bit odd seeing that I don't have to hide around the stores area doing all the last minute preparation work, making phone calls, or just general panic!

I won't go into the day by day report seeing that I can't remember most of it, in summary, it seems like everyone had a good time, the feedback from the forums and various reports I read seems pretty positive as well. I'll definately look into the various points that people have mentioned regarding: food places / cleaners / dirty bins / lack of queues with the relevent people about the various concerns that people have.

The main highlights I guess for me was:

- Not being too impressed about being dragged on stage in the opening ceremony.
- Lacking time to eat food, I managed to eat half a meal for lunch in bar fusion before getting called away to do something. Then later in the evening, got called away before my food even arrived!
- Dragging Paula and Dan to Tesco at midnight on Friday to get food for our guests, then to be told that they didn't want any after getting there and then told to bring ice cream back for them just as I was leaving.
- Hunting around Warwick for a guitar stand.
- Putting Matt in a dress during the Brawl Panel.
- Coming up with a really boring question for the pub quiz tie-breaker that no one got it right (even though the answer is in the con book).
- Glad that there there enough food for everyone in the gopher party.

All in all, running this convention stressed me out a lot more than it should have been, I really needed a guest liason to handle the guests rather than me trying to run a convention as well as tending to our guests' needs. I apologise that I didn't get to speak to pretty much anyone during the convention due to being to stressed / busy. I kinda wished that I had some time to meet new people / even just to talk to my friends for more than a few minutes!

Lastly! People with camcorders who have recorded Aya, if they have decent footage, would it be possible for me to steal it so we can compile an official con video!

Post-AyaCon Recovery Aug. 18th, 2009 @ 08:49 am
AyaCon is over, normal life resumes!

Well, not quite, still loads of bits and pieces to sort out with the venue, getting the feedback from the attendees so we can pass it along to the venue and tell them to sort it out but apart from that, I hope everyone had a great time.

Er...proper post con report later!
Other entries
» Back in London
I guess it's almost time for an update to this LJ.

Quite a bit happened since I've last updated, the major thing is as stated in the title is that I've moved back into London to live with Perrin and Kat, I know it's a terrible idea, what have I got myself into?!

First week in the new house is over at least, I don't really want to repeat last week ever again when it went something like this:-
Sunday - Taking stuff to be dumped at the skip.
Monday - Move my stuff from Reading to London.
Tuesday - Help move Perrin's stuff into the flat and get a sofa for the house.
Wednesday - Help move Kat's stuff into the flat.
Thursday - Rest.
Friday - Back to Reading to clean up a little, hand back keys and reclaim deposit.
Saturday - Building furniture and add sound proofing.

First day back into work after a week "holiday" per say, hopefully it'll be nice and easy with the bank holiday coming up. RUSH HOUR TUBE = DO NOT WANT!
» Minami minami minami...
Thank god that's over! Which is pretty much all I can say to that at the moment, still got to return screening materials back to people, including Perrin who made me move FLCL to a time slot that he can actually go see it in but in the end didn't even bother at all! It's quite nice to be able to destress from having Minami daunting over my head for the past month, chasing people for the dvds and have everything ready for the convention which went rather smoothly for most parts.

It was a Minami that doesn't require us running about fantically trying to fix everything to the point where Perrin call up on me, Andrew and Adam standing about having a drink to be called Team Lazy Shit, see Perrin complains that I am boring during cons and don't drink other than Sunday, and he still complains that I was drinking at the con before Sunday, make up your mind gawd! I think I'll do my best to make sure you're just going to get Perry badge from every con that you go to from now on. I still resent that Rachel is higher than me on the pecking order, there has to be some mistakes there!  

Now that Minami is clear, I'm just seeing what should I do with my job, our company just been recently acquired by Laird Technology, so my position is somewhat uncertain and there's a lot of work to integrate our system to their corporate structure as well as working on my current projects (i.e. kicking Perrin to do some work), so will see how that goes along.

The only question left is whether to put this photo of Neil up for everyone to see or not!
» Fucking Retards!?
Today was going to be an ok day, so I thought, I've rewrote the backend to my setup application making it all work, about 80% into integration back into the frontend, so comes 16:50, it was a good time to get on my usual commute to go home.

I arrive out back at the bus stop, and begin to wait for my bus which normally arrives at 16:56, today it decides that it doesn't arrive till 17:10 and that meant that I missed my 17:17 train from Bourne End back to Maidenhead, fine, it happens, there's another bus from Bourne End that leaves at around 17:26 that gets me to Maidenhead. So come around 17:35, the Maidenhead bus arrives, so I attempt to get on, hand down a £10 note and ask for a single to Maidenhead, at this point the driver says sorry I have no change for that. Under normal circumstances, the driver normally just let you on the bus and forget about the fare but he just sat there with a blanked expression. I asked him then "what you want me to do then?" He replied with, "there's a pub over there, go get some change." I say fine, but questioned him with "won't you just drive off while I go away to get change?" He just says, "yes, I'm on a schedule and I'm late already, so it's not my problem."

At that point I was just furious so I attempt to argue that your stupid buses were late already causing me to have to take this bus to begin with but he didn't say anything that helped the situation so in the end I just shouted whatever and got off the bus. Having now to wait in the freezing cold till the next train which wasn't due for another hour. In this time which I took to write a shitty complaint to Arriva, made this massive ranting post and well, being cold. I should have taken his driver's number but in my fit of anger, I felt that all I wanted to do was punch his face in, all the other passenger just sat there looking puzzled and amazed. I rarely am actually angry at people but this just tip me, £10 note for a £2.75 fare isn't outrageous, if I was holding a £20 note then yeah, I'll take some of the blame but ffs?!
» Far too warm.
It's far far too warm today, going outside was also a bad idea since it was Saturday afternoon, and Reading town centre was just filled with people, far too many people. That I only managed to complete one of the two objectives I set out for, I manage to pick up a replacement sandwich toaster seeing our current one anti stick coating is peeling off and sticking onto the sandwiches which wasn't a good thing to be eating! The second which I failed in doing was to pick up a copy of Trauma Centre for the Wii, everywhere seems to be sold out, checked HMV, Gamestation and both Game in Reading, so prolly have to order that online at some point.

Apart from that, I have a free weekend, Ben is back from Japan tomorrow with gets, so gotta work out how much money I have for September >_< and I've finally fixed Saber's arm XD.

» Aftermath of Amecon
I guess there has to be a report about Amecon like everything else. Actually, come to think about it, there isn't much to write about, I spent most of the entire convention in the Dealer's room selling Barry and Ben's Doujins which was well....I don't know what to make of it. It was definately not helped by the fact that both me and Perrin foolishly thought that it was a good idea to drink loads of vodka and coke in the dealer room for all of Friday and Saturday, now this had two effects, it made selling doujins in the dealer's room a lot more interesting but also incrediably tired for the rest of the con, to the point that I didn't drink on Sunday. I was helping Perrin running the karaoke so being drunk and trying to sort out the sound deck would be ill advise and generally a bad idea I reckon.

I did manage to pick up some stuff I wanted from the dealer's room, two new Sabre model but the Revoltech one broke when I took it out of the box so I'll see if that is fixable or I'm going to have an armless Sabre on my desk which would make me sads cause I was going to bring that one to have something on my desk in work. The other is from the 2nd Fate game, Fate/hollow ataraxia which is pretty that would stay on my desk for a while till I find something better to replace it with.

Apart from that, that's about it! I've got to talk to a few people and meet some new and interesting ones as well since I'm not working at a convention for a change which is like a good break, Minami like I have about 5mins tops to stop and talk to people, since I'm always too busy there. Only had to do some minor VR stuff, sorting out the masquerade a bit tech stuff for the cosplay competition.......it's not that much compare to most cons but maybe one day I can go through a con stress free.
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